Outreach Lecture I – Ten Thought Leaders of India


Dr. Bijoy Misra
India Discovery Center, Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Bijoy Misra serves as the President of India Discovery Center and leads the efforts of content creation and organizing the IDC activities. He is a physicist and has taught in the local area schools. He helps run the South Asia Poets of New England group. He is a Sanskrit scholar and promotes Sanskrit studies in various institutions. He is currently an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of South Asian Studies at Harvard University.


The lecture is a survey of the work of ten personalities who can be considered as a continuum of Indian thinking fr0m 2000 BC to the modern times. The personalities analyzed are: Yājñavalkya, Shri Krishna, Mahāvīra, Kautalya, Pāṇini, Vālmiki, Vyāsa, Śaṅkara and Kabira.