"Dr. Bijoy Misra serves as the President of India Discovery Center and leads the efforts of content creation and object design. He acknowledges the support of a large number of individuals in the community in conceptualizing the vision of IDC. He is a poet and helps run the South Asia Poets of New England group. He is an astronomer and a Sanskrit scholar and has taught in many local area institutions. He is currently involved in creating a new English translation of the Indian epic Ramayana for children".

"Sanjeev Tripathi, a serves as the Director of Membership for India Discovery Center and leads the track of Politics and Economy. He is an entrepreneur, researcher and an IT professional. Sanjeev, enjoys reading ancient Indian scriptures and cultural events".

"Chandrika Govardhan is the Director of Finance for India Discovery Center and leads the track of Philosophy and Religion. She brings her social and interpersonal skills to the organization having been associated with several nonprofit cultural organizations operating in the area. As a mother, she has been particularly interested in children’s education and the cultural outreach in the community. She is a chemist by training and works as a life science researcher in a local company".


 Chandu Shah helps IDC in event management and its fundraising efforts.  He is the President and CEO of S4 Inc., an Aerospace and defense services firm. Mr. Shah is an artist, a poet, playwright and a screenwriter.  He is a published author in poetry and has written musicals in Gujarati language.  He has produced movies in India and the US.


Soumya Chotneeru maintains the IDC website and volunteers for other IDC activities when she can. She is a first generation immigrant of India and this has given her a unique perspective on the challenges of immigrants as she herself faced them in her own life. This led her to pursue her involvement in the IDC organization and she passionately believes in its cause, especially to educate the children of immigrant parents. She spends time to maintain the IDC website, create the Takshashila online educational database, and build other online IDC activities to benefit the tech-wired generations of the future so they may stay in touch with the Indian culture. She has a background in biotechnology and works as a research scientist by profession. She devotes the rest of her time to her family, yoga and exercise, nature, and is an avid reader.